eye exercises to improve vision

Your eye has muscles which can get sore when staying in one position for a long time. So, your eye muscles need a break and few exercises which may vanish your headaches or increase the productivity and reduce the risk of glaucoma. Follow these eye exercises to improve vision, eye muscles, and eyesight.

5 eye exercises to improve vision

  • Palming

Firmly rub your hands until they get warm, and then place them delicately on your eyelid. The warmth of your hand transfers to your eyes which gives relief to your eyes and relax the eyes muscles. Repeat it for two to three times.

  • Zooming

It is an efficient and effective exercise for your eyes in which you have to sit on the chair. After that, outstretch your arm and thumbs up then slowly bend your arm and get it closer to your eyes. Your eyes focus on the thumb when you are zooming it towards them.

  • Blinking

You have to blink your eyes 10-15 times rapidly and then close it for 20 seconds to relax. Repeat it 4-5 times.

  • Shifting

It is a process in which you are moving your eyeballs from one direction to another gradually. Through this, your eye muscles become more healthy and active. It is a process in which you are moving your eyeballs from one direction to another gradually. Through this, your eye muscles become more healthy and active.

  • Figure of Eight

You have to sit with straight legs with a left hand on left knee and hold your right fist above the right knee. Stay your elbow straight and pointing your thumb upward and focus your eyes on it. Then make a figure of eight from the thumb. Repeat this 5 times in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions

How to improve eyesight naturally

In an advance era, our eyes stare at the small type and images on screens of phones, LEDs, computer. This will may increase the problems of the eye and also lead to eye fatigue. If you want to know how to improve eyesight naturally then follow these simple tips which will help you to keep your eye vision stay healthy and relaxed.

  • How to improve eye vision with home remedies

  1. Eat foods which have anti-oxidants like zeaxanthin, lutein, and beta-carotene.
  2. It protects the macula to get damage from the sun.
  3. The items having these anti-oxidants include carrots, yellow pepper, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin and egg yolks.
  4. To boost the health of an eye, take DHA which is a fatty acid found in coldwater fish.
  5. Anthocyanin-rich grapes, goji, and blueberries have an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant property which can help you in improving the vision.
  6. Sulfur, lecithin, and cysteine-rich foods can help you to protect the eye lens from the cataract formation. The food items include capers, garlic, onion, and
  7. Do the eye exercises before bedtime, in the morning or anytime when your eyes feel fatigued.
  8. This will help you to maintain the vision and relax your eye muscles to stay active and healthy. Also, massage the forehead or eyes from below on both sides.
  9. A very important thing for the health of an eye is to get proper 8 hours sleep. If you didn’t get enough sleep If you didn’t get enough sleep then your vision may weaken day by day.
  10. Put cool cucumber slices on your eyes to give relax if feeling fatigue. Also, give 10 minutes break to your eyes during work time.

Take vitamins for eyesight

Eyes are the sensitive and complex organ which also needs the proper nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy and function well. Some of the basic vitamins for eyesight are mention below to keep your eyes healthy.

  • Vitamin A– clears the cornea which covers the outside area of an eye. It also reduced the risk of age-related muscular degeneration and cataract.
  • Vitamin E- having a potent anti-oxidant which helps to protect the cells of an eye to keep it away from the free radical damages. It also protects age-related
  • Vitamin C, by taking this collagen, a protein produced which provides structure to your eye.
  • Vitamin B6, B9 and B12- lower the homocysteine levels which are a protein that increases the risk of producing AMD and linked with inflammation.

How to improve eyesight without glasses

Your vision problems may be caused by muscular tissues, retina, irregular cornea or blocking the light which cannot be improved without glasses. So, if you are worried about how to improve eyesight without glasses then you should see your doctor who may help or guide you with some exercises, therapies or supplements to increase your vision. But if you are having shortsightedness then it can be solved through refractive surgery to improve your vision permanently