In this blog, we will discuss 8 Best Yoga Postures. Hopefully, you will enjoy this article.

Best Yoga Postures:

Most people think that yoga will increase their height but actually, yoga improves the posture that makes you look thinner, taller and more confident.

Mountain Pose

This posture may look so easy but standing in a proper posture is quite complex. When your body is in perfect vertical alignment it teaches you to sense. You have to stand straight by grounding your feet on the mat, place your hips in a neutral position and slightly tuck your tailbone under. Push your shoulders far back and stick out your chest. You have to practice this a lot to learn the proper and correct posture. There is a lot of benefits in Yoga Exercise.

Tree pose­

Tree pose teaches you the balance that how you can balance your body in a proper posture. You have to ground your left feet and always remember your shoulders should be in line with the hips and your spine stretched. Now move your right foot and press it against the left inner thigh.  After that, now you have to move your hands towards the center of your chest.

Always make sure that your shoulders should be down your back and the crown of the head up to the sky.

Cat-Cow poses

This posture helps you to discover the ideal and natural curves of your spine. Ground your hands and bend your knees on the matt, round your back and inhale, then exhale and arch your back. You have to repeat this bringing spine to the neutral.

After Cat Cow posture, what is that feeling you are experiencing when you stand up.

Standing forward fold

When you start lengthening your spine, your body posture starts improving. In this posture, you have to tilt at the hips to fold forward with your feet hip-width apart. Ground your hands on the matt. If you add a little inward rotation of your thighs you will notice that space open up to lengthen the spine more.

Downward facing dog pose

In this posture, you have to press your hands on the matt, straighten your legs move your hips upward and your neck should on rest so the spine can grow long. Your heels should reach towards the earth to open up your back of the legs. The Down Dog posture will help you to achieve the strong and flexible muscles for the proper posture.

Cobra Pose

In this posture, your hands ground on the matt down towards the earth, lying on the stomach with your hands under your shoulders and lift your upper body. You have to hold this pose for about five breaths and then relax and repeat. This cobra posture will help you to strengthen your back and improve the posture.

Bow Pose

You have to lean on your stomach, and then move your hands on the back to grab your ankles. Now when you inhale, move your thighs and upper body off the floor. Whenever you inhale bring your front body up more from the floor and lift your heels higher. bow pose will make your back stronger and stronger.

Warrior Pose

When you stand like a warrior, tall and proud, you will feel more confident and benefits your posture. You have to do like a downward dog then step the right foot between your hands and rotate your back foot 45 degrees. Bend your right knees then the thigh will parallel to the ground rise up with your fingertips reaching towards the sky. Make sure your shoulders blades should be down your back so when you tilt your pelvis under slightly and draw your navel toward your back. Hold it for five breaths then change the sides.

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