Best Vitamin d Supplement

Vitamin D and Best Vitamin d supplement is a fat-soluble substance which increases the intestinal absorption of phosphate, magnesium, zinc, calcium and lots of other. The best source of getting vitamin D is the sun, exposure to sunshine helps you to get enough vitamin D. Vitamin D3 and D2 is the most important compounds in this group. Your body gets lots of benefits of vitamin D to cope up with different diseases.

Benefits of vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because the sun is the best source of vitamin D. It benefits your body in many ways such as:

  • Support your bones to stay healthy

As our bones depend on the process of remodeling and may break down naturally. So, vitamin D coupled with other nutrients such as hormones and calcium helps your bones to rebuild constantly. If you do not get enough sunshine vitamin then your bones start to become brittle and thinner. You can suffer from osteoporosis and hip fractures due to low-level vitamin D and calcium.

  • Decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes

The study shows that people with vitamin D deficiency are on the high risk of having heart diseases, high blood pressure, heart failure, and chronic blood vessel inflammation. Vitamin D increases the enzyme known as renin which circulates the blood through the arteries and veins. It also controls the amount of contraction of arteries, so the low-level vitamin D and renin affect the blood pressure in a bad way.

Best Vitamin d Supplement

It also reduces the risk of cancer as research shows that vitamin D has a great impact. The people getting lack of sunshine have a chance of breast, skin, lung, colon and pancreatic cancers. As vitamin D can prevent cancer because it decreases the cancer cell growth and stimulate cancer cell death, reduced the formation of tumor blood vessels and promote cellular differentiation. So we should use Best Vitamin d Supplement.

With insufficient sunlight exposure and vitamin D can cause the risk of type 2 diabetes. As it affects the b-cell function and glucose level so vitamin D and type 2 diabetes are interlinked. You should get enough vitamin D to protect yourself from type 2 diabetes.

  • Boost your immunity

Vitamin D plays a key role in boosting your immunity system and making it strong.  You can cope up with the flu, childhood asthma and it helps to prevent the autoimmune diseases. Insufficient vitamin D will lead to inflammatory illness such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and cirrhosis.

  • Reduces depression

A research shows that the regulating of mood and depression can be caused by the low-level vitamin D. especially who have fibromyalgia, they have insufficient vitamin D and depression is more common in them.

Vitamin D foods

Eating healthy can improve the level of vitamin D in your body. There is different vitamin D foods which are rich in this vitamin include:

  • Fatty fish- the best source of vitamin D includes salmon, tuna, eel, and trout, also gets the omega-3 fatty acids from it. You can get almost 450 IUs of vitamin D from the salmon.
  • Canned fish- less expensive than the fresh fish and boost up your vitamin D level. The amount of this vitamin in canned light tuna fish is about 150 IUs/4 ounces, canned sardines have almost 40IUs/2 sardines and canned albacore tuna has almost 50 IUs/4 ounces.
  • Egg yolks- the most common and convenient way of getting vitamin D. As, egg yolk contains this vitamin, so you should eat whole egg instead of egg whites only. It contains approximately 40 IUs /yolk.
  • Cod liver oil- it comes in the form of capsules and contains almost 1300 IUs/capsule of vitamin D which is twice than the recommended intake.
  • Beef liver- most people choose fish instead of beef because it is high in cholesterol. But it provides your body with 50 IUs/3.5 ounces of vitamin D from the cooked beef liver. It also contains protein, iron and Vitamin A which is good for you.
  • Fortified milk- milk is the good source of vitamin D contains 100 IUs in an 8-ounce glass of milk.
  • Fortified cereals- add fortified cereals such as multigrain cheerios in your breakfast and paired it with fortified milk to get vitamin D. 1 cup of multi-grains with a glass milk contains 90 IUs.
  • Fortified yogurt- 6 ounces serving of yogurt has 80 IUs of vitamin D.
  • Orange juices- 8 glass of fortified juice contains almost 100 IUs of vitamin D but varies according to the brands.

Best vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D supplements are basically a nutrient which is required for the people who do not get enough amount of vitamin D through foods or other sources like exposure to the sun. You can get various types of supplements in a different form such as liquid, capsules, tablets, injections, etc. Their intake depends on your health condition and recommended by the doctors. The best vitamin D supplements are ranges from 400 IU to 800 IU of vitamin D3 per day (cholecalciferol). The supplements for vitamin D named as:

  • Garden of Life Vitamin Code RAW D3
  • Solaray Vitamin D3
  • Nature’s Way Vitamin D3