Most of the people worried about their dry lips, to avoid this problem you need to follow the
guidelines are given below for your lip therapy.

Lips Care Tips:

In this blog, we will discuss lip care tips. Hopefully, you will enjoy this article.

Never lick your lips:

Don’t lick your lips, they directly affected as lips have no protective layer on it.
Whenever you touch your lips with the tongue the saliva hydrates your lips only for a
moment. But when saliva evaporates it will make your lips drier. As the saliva enzymes
are very harsh for your lips. Secondly, don’t breathe with the open mouth, the dry air will
damage your lips. And the last one is so obvious that never kiss the person with infected
lips, it will affect your lips too.

Eat healthy food 

For having smooth and lovely lips you must follow the healthy diet plan. Take more
vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for your lip care.

Increase your water intake

Stay yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water and juices as it is the most essential for
the healthy lips. Just like skin, lips also need to be kept hydrated from inside. If you do
not drink enough amount of water, your lips will get cracks and look terrible. This is the most important Lip Care Tips.

Remove makeup before sleep

Wash and clear lips before going to bed for your lip care. Wipe your lips with the cotton
or makeup removing wipes properly at night as the little traces of makeup will damage
and affect your lips. Apply rose water will make them pink and rosy.

Hydrate your lips at night

To keep your lips hydrated you drink a lot of water in the daytime but when it comes to
night you get in trouble facing problems of dry lips. To avoid these issues, you need to
use petroleum jelly or heavy hydrating lip cream before going to sleep. You can also use
the butter or raw milk and cream for the best results.

Massage our lips

To give your lips proper nutrients, you need to massage them with the nourishing oils for
almost 5 minutes. It helps to improve the blood circulation in your lips and make them
look softer and smoother. By doing this, you will not face lips crack issues anymore.
Which is the most usual and common problem faced by people especially in winters? Use
lemon with the pinch of sugar will help you to get rid of that fadedness and dullness of
the lips from the corners. Most of you faced that black corners of the lips. Honey is also
essential for the lips to get proper nutrients they need.

Apply lip balm

Always carry a good quality lip balm with you to avoid the dryness as you never know
when your lips get dry. Before applying the balm, scrub your lips to remove dead skin on
it which keep your lips soft and healthy.

Use balm according to your lips type

Before applying lip balms, you should get aware of what suits your lips the best. Like for
hydrating ingredients use beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E and almond, jojoba or coconut
oils. The petroleum jellies like Vaseline is also worked well to soften your lips. If you
have the sensitive skin type, then use the camphor-based medicated lip balms. These are
sometimes irritating for the people, so you can opt for the camphor-free Aesop Rosehip
seed lip treatment with the shea butter. And if have the hearty skin, try the medicated
Chapstick having camphor and menthol in it.

Wear lipstick before going out

Use lipstick before going outside because it creates a layer on the lips to protect them
from the unwanted dryness. As lips have no protective layer on them so the sun, dirt, and
air will harm your lips so to avoid these always wear lipstick.

Do get lip care advice from doctors

Sometimes all the home remedies never cure your problem so then you should see the
doctor for the experienced and professional guidance. Don’t wait for more for the home
remedies results always visit your doctor in time.